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will find a wide selection of lenses, from disposable ones, also available for astigmatic and presbyopic, to traditional soft and gas-permeable lenses.
The latter are now built "to measure", with the aid of corneal topography that provides a map of the cornea based on which we can make the most suitable lenses. We also guarantee the assistance and periodic checks necessary for the successful outcome of the application. The advantages of contact lenses are not only aesthetic, they also improve the quality of vision: they increase the depth of the visual field and the peripheral vision, the size of the objects is not altered by the power of the lens and, in some situations, they also improve visual acuity and help to slow down the progression of myopia. They also offer unquestionable advantages in sports activities, allowing greater freedom of movement and improving athletic performance. It is of fundamental importance, for contact lens wearers, to comply with some simple rules, which are fundamental for safe and comfortable use over time. The lenses should be disinfected regularly with the recommended solutions, they should also be replaced in the established terms and the time for the recommended daily use should be respected, according to the type of lenses used.

Daily Lenses

Advantages:very hygienic, disposable, no liquids required. They can be worn when desired, even every other day.

Optimal use:suitable for sports, ideal for swimming. They allow the user to work on the computer or in air conditioned facilities.

Biweekly lenses

Advantages: ideal for weekends and holidays.

Optimal use: for people who alternate glasses with contact lenses and for those who live or work in air conditioned facilities.

Monthly Lenses

Advantages: best price on the market.

Optimal use: habitual wearers and prolonged use for all types of work.

Contact lens types:

· Rigid and semi-rigid lenses

· Soft lenses

· Permanent lenses

· Multifocal lenses