LWorld leader in innovation

Since its origins, Essilor is characterized by its commitment to continuous innovation. Essilor's ambition is not only to produce high-quality corrective lenses, but also to make a better vision accessible to everyone, so as to improve people's quality of life. To achieve this goal, Essilor allocates more than 180 million euros to Research and Innovation every year. Essilor also runs three "Innovation and Technology" centers in Paris, Dallas and Singapore, dedicated to the design of cutting-edge technological solutions. We place the focus of our attention on visual well-being, namely the prevention of age-related macular degeneration (DMLE) and the protection against UV rays or blue light emitted by digital screens.

Essilor's mission is to provide the best visual solution to the one who needs it, adapting at best each lens lens to the physiology of the wearer. Because of this reason, Essilor has developed products such as Varilux, Crizal, Transitons, Eyezen, Xperio and Optifog, all true technological innovations.


The opticians, our partners

We work with a large number of specialized optical centers.
Besides the distribution of our products, we offer to the opticians our advice, our know-how and the support of our customer service on a daily basis.


The opticians at Your service

We work directly with a vast network of experts, enthusiastic opticians dedicated to the full service of their customers.

They all are experienced professionals, reliable partners at Your service, ready to advise You at best and to help You choose the products that best suit Your needs.

Through accurate measurements and precision assembly, opticians can optimize the performance of Your glasses, granting You the best possible comfort in everyday life. Thanks to our partners, You can be sure that the health of Your eyes is in good hands.


Varilux® X Series ™is an innovative revolution in progressive lenses. For You this means more freedom, a new secret weapon that allows You to do what You prefer.

Your sight should not stop You from doing what You want. This is why Varilux® continues to push the limits of innovation. Varilux® X series ™ is the best progressive lens from Varilux® that allows You to capture every detail without problems and with very high precision. You will enjoy exceptional clarity, a continuous vision and fluidity of vision from near to far distances.